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13 June 2024 / Case Studies

Quiet Elegance

When the owners first came across this site, and spoke with architect Evelyn McNamara about the possibility of designing a home for their family of seven.
7 March 2024 / Case Studies

Light Catcher.

Jose Gutierrez Architects transformed this character villa, located on a typical Grey Lynn street, into a contemporary oasis - a place that moves between lightness and solidity with a fluid grace.
3 March 2024 / Case Studies

Inside Story.

Forgiving flooring that looks and feels fantastic, coloured concrete’s virtues are indisputable.
8 February 2024 / Case Studies

A reprieve from the ordinary.

This luxury lodge in the heart of the South Island has been flawlessly designed by Warren and Mahoney
7 December 2023 / Case Studies

Decadence Underfoot.

In a pool house that opens to a midcentury modern home in Remuera, an interior palette was designed to reflect the original architectural language and create a strong narrative between old and new.
24 October 2023 / Case Studies

Colour match your concrete.

Sophisticated flooring outside and in, it’s time-honoured, on-trend and can be tailored to you.
13 October 2023 / Case Studies

Two Palettes.

Four design houses join forces to create two alluring interior material palettes, each with a distinctly New Zealand aesthetic.
21 August 2023 / Case Studies

Reimagining Urban Landscapes: The Integral Role of PeterFell’s Texture Safe System in Waterfront Developments Across New Zealand

In an era where urban development strategies are constantly being redefined, the role of innovative materials and construction techniques cannot be overstated.
17 August 2023 / Case Studies

Reflections of Aotearoa: PeterFell’s darkest concrete oxide finds its match on North Piha Beach.

There’s a new surf life-saving tower on North Piha Beach. It’s circular, sculptural, made almost entirely of concrete, and coloured with PeterFell’s 699 SuperBlack oxide — a shade that speaks to the famously dark and rugged West Coast.
9 August 2023 / Case Studies

Material Connection

In a rural setting that feels far removed from the city on the outskirts of which it is located, this Auckland home unfolded over a decade or so.
25 July 2023 / Case Studies


Wedged between bush and sea, this Coromandel home is devised as a place of quiet; a place to bunker down, a place to escape to – and a place from which to enjoy the outdoors.
21 June 2023 / Case Studies

Urban Gallery

On the threshold between residential and commercial precincts, a concrete building was designed as a link between the two .
31 May 2023 / News

PeterFell sponsors book celebrating inspired New Zealand architecture.

Cape to Bluff, A survey of residential architecture from Aotearoa New Zealand, takes readers on a captivating journey through thirty of the most architecturally stunning homes in the country.
12 May 2023 / Case Studies

Art and architecture.

Reaching out in different directions, this home, the 2023 City Home of the Year, cantilevers out to capture different views — of the city and the sea.
5 May 2023 / News

Webinar: Innovation with Concrete – The Key Role of Colour.

Listen to leading architects such as Pete Bossley from Bossley Architects, Craig South from South Architects, and Greg Young from Young Architects as they discuss their recent projects and how concrete was used to enhance their designs.
19 April 2023 / News

Pioneering Coloured Concrete in New Zealand’s Concrete Award

PeterFell is synonymous with innovation in coloured concrete in New Zealand, collaborating with architects, designers, and builders to craft visually striking and distinctive spaces.
27 February 2023 / Case Studies

Reflecting the natural drama of the landscape.

There’s a wonderful feeling of being one with the land here.
19 December 2022 / Case Studies

In synch with the sand.

The small seaside village of Piha, nestled on rugged coastline just west of Auckland, is renowned for its strong surf.
31 October 2022 / Case Studies

Durability with a touch of divinity.

It could be said that there was some divine inspiration at work in the design of this award-winning Christchurch home.
27 October 2022 / Case Studies

Natural good looks made to endure.

There’s something wonderfully primal about the dramatic sweep of Christchurch’s east coast, with its mix of tussock, sand, sea and dunes.
18 October 2022 / Case Studies

Enhancing views with the natural beauty of concrete.

The dramatic use of concrete, extensive glazing and timber accents are the order of the day in this stunning family home nestled in the hills above Christchurch’s seaside suburb of Sumner.
22 September 2022 / Case Studies

Honed perfection.

Designed by AW Architects, the orientation of this rural home was determined by views of the surrounding peaks – the Remarkables and Coronet Peak.
22 September 2022 / Case Studies

Marsden Cove Residence.

Overlooking the water, this stunning home evokes a sense of calm with a light-filled aesthetic. Championed by concrete forms, its materiality is harmonious inside and out.
28 April 2022 / News

Webinar: Designing with Concrete – Curves, Colour and Contrast

Watch this recorded webinar to hear from architect Rich Naish from RTA Studio, concreteologist Ross Bannan from Bannan Construction and PeterFell’s Regional Manager Paul Dwight about the latest innovations in concrete and the exciting new ways architects are using this age-old material.
22 January 2022 / Case Studies

Waiheke House: integrating new and old through concrete forms

The new pavilion addition to this award-winning Waiheke bach was integrated through the use of captivating concrete forms.
3 November 2021 / Case Studies

A Modern Stone.

“The brief called for materials that were durable, had integrity, and aged well. In New Zealand, working in timber is so appropriate both for the environment and economy, but this site necessitated a substantial material to not only create a protective solid mass but also [one] that reflected the site’s materiality. “The concrete precast panels are, in a way, poured stone — an updated version of the stone used for basic shelter by the miners.”
3 May 2021 / Case Studies

A bunker by the lake

Something solid, grounded, and bunker-like has erupted on the lakeside at Rotoiti. Evelyn McNamara’s Lake House is somewhat monolithic in form and uses a robust combination of materials that exudes a strong presence and a feeling of being protected. It could be deemed brutalist, but there is something more also going on here.
26 March 2021 / Case Studies

Te Raekura Redcliffs Primary School

A design that incorporates a precast coloured concrete facade, creating a dramatic main entry to the site.
30 March 2020 / Case Studies

The future of polished concrete

There are five choices to make when specifying a honed or polished concrete floor, but it is the last that is the most important...
11 October 2019 / Case Studies

Texture Safe proves best non-slip solution for Tauranga Council.

When the Tauranga District Council was looking for a stylish way to make their concrete Tidal Stairs safe and slip free, Texture Safe came up trumps where other options had failed.
22 May 2019 / Case Studies

Waiariki Institute of Technology, Health and Science in Rotorua

Featuring our colour PFL 791 from the Aqua Range, the spectacular new building at Waiariki Institute of Technology in Rotorua has been created by Darryl Church Architecture, together with MOAA architects.
22 May 2019 / Case Studies

Knox Church, Christchurch by Wilkie + Bruce architect

The completion of the re-building of Knox Church in Christchurch is significant as it is such a well-known building on a very high profile corner and the church shares a history with many local residents.
22 May 2019 / Case Studies

Coatesville Driveway

What dream driveways are made of!
22 May 2019 / Case Studies

Clevedon Pool

This outdoor area has achieved all the owners wanted and more. PeterFell specialist in coloured concrete.
22 May 2019 / Case Studies
Charcoal coloured concrete walls contrast beautifully with oak trees in Grey Lynn Auckland..

Grey Lynn, Auckland

Bannan Construction using Peter Fell Oxide have done a brilliant job on this Grey Lynn Project.
22 May 2019 / Case Studies
white and black concrete path in Kingsland.

Wairepo Swamp Walk, Kingsland, Auckland

Intense black concrete has been created with Peter Fell colour 699, aka SuperBlack, working in contrast to a very white concrete utilising a white Titanium Dioxide from Peter Fell also.
22 May 2019 / Case Studies

Waterview Skatepark

The design brief included a requirement for artistic elements to break up the mass of grey concrete, hence the coloured concrete choices.
22 May 2019 / Case Studies

Station R by Ockham Residential

Architect Martin King of Ockham Residential used a clever selection of Peter Fell colours on their recently completed Station R project in Auckland's Mt Eden
22 May 2019 / Case Studies

Tara Iti

The clubhouse at Tara Iti features precast colour with our beautiful PFL 189
22 May 2019 / Case Studies

Mission Bay Pavilion

Herbst Architects have teamed up with Katie Lockhart Studio to custom design the outdoor concrete furniture for top eatery Mission Bay Pavilion. PFL 301 colour was used to get the perfect tone for the environment!
22 May 2019 / Case Studies
pre cast concrete coloured panels used to build amazing house.

In harmony with nature

The word "environment" describes the relationship between an object and its surroundings, and it is the overarching concept behind Alp, an apartment building designed by Akihisa Hirata in Akabane, Tokyo.
22 May 2019 / Case Studies
Coloured concrete decks at Remarkables Ski Field

Curvy Basin and Remarkables Ski Field

An impressive 2400m3 concrete was for the new Base Building (1600m above sea level) at the Remarkables Ski Field. Over 150m3 was coloured concrete for the decks.
22 May 2019 / Case Studies
custom concrete bar in Longroom, Ponsonby Auckland.

Bespoke Colour

PeterFell created this rich, bespoke colour for the Longroom in Ponsonby, central Auckland.
22 May 2019 / Case Studies
coloured concrete wall in award winning Arrowtown home.

Cast in concrete

An award-winning Arrowtown home by Richard Naish of RTA Studio makes the most of coloured concrete by Peter Fell.
28 March 2019 / Case Studies
coloured concrete patio and path through a garden

Coloured Concrete and Manicured Gardens

This urban retreat has been designed with environmentally conscious entertainers in mind. Coloured concrete carefully merged with manicured gardens creates a feeling of both serenity, and creativity!
27 March 2019 / News
coloured concrete samples in PeterFell Showroom

Playing with colour

This urban retreat has been designed with environmentally conscious entertainers in mind. Coloured concrete carefully merged with manicured gardens creates a feeling of both serenity, and creativity!
22 February 2019 / Case Studies
Coloured Concrete in Hamilton

The Base Shopping Centre, Hamilton

This urban retreat has been designed with environmentally conscious entertainers in mind. Coloured concrete carefully merged with manicured gardens creates a feeling of both serenity, and creativity!
4 February 2019 / Case Studies
coloured concrete floor kitchen and living room

Bay House

This urban retreat has been designed with environmentally conscious entertainers in mind. Coloured concrete carefully merged with manicured gardens creates a feeling of both serenity, and creativity!
5 August 2018 / Case Studies

Structural Geometry

Widely favoured for the industrial edge it lends flooring, concrete’s design potential is far more varied than you may realise. Peter Fell is one company that’s successfully embracing the geometric properties of this malleable substrate in ways we’ve never seen before.
26 March 2018 / Case Studies

The Mayfair Building

Seddon GRC Innovations asked the PeterFell team to recreate an oxide colour for the façade panel that replicated the look and feel of the 1906 building.
6 January 2018 / Case Studies
stylish coloured concrete floors and brick wall

Passive solar benefits far exceed expectation

With a northerly aspect perfectly suited to take advantage of passive solar, this house extension was designed for the sun, but even so the owners have been very pleasantly surprised just how warm it is. So much in fact that it's actually the favourite part of their whole renovation.