C2 polished concrete flooring.

PeterFell C2 polished concrete flooring is a concrete floor – only better.

It brings all the natural beauty of concrete to your commercial or residential space, while being more durable, hardwearing and stain resistant. It’s equally at home for exterior public spaces.

It’s all thanks to the lithium silicate-based densifiers that are used during the grinding and polishing process when your floor is installed. The unique liquid hardener penetrates deep into the pores of the concrete, making it up to 40% more resistant to scratches and abrasions. It literally seals the concrete so water, oil and other contaminants can’t get in.

Discover more about how PeterFell C2 polished concrete flooring can improve on the advantages of concrete flooring.

C2 lithium densifier.

C2 protection.

C2 cleaners & maintenance.

  • C2 Clean 2 litre bottle

    PFL C2 Clean

    The ‘next generation’ product for cleaning and degreasing light-to-heavy soiled concrete, tile, masonry and much more.

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  • C2 Maintenance Lithium cleaner for concrete floors

    PFL C2 Maintenance

    Proprietary concentrated lithium based cleaner designed specifically for use on concrete floors that were treated with PFL C2 Super Hard™, PFL C2 Hard™ or PFL C2 Seal™.

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  • C2 Stain Clean for cleaning Concrete floors

    PFL C2 Stain Clean

    Poultice cleaner for removing oil, grease and other deep stains.

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C2 accessories.

Use our design tool to create the C2 polished concrete flooring you want.

Choose the right application.

There’s a C2 densifier that’s right for your space – indoors or out.

To ensure the best outcome, we recommend that most systems are applied by Trained Applicators only. We’ve highlighted which system requires a Trained Applicator below.

C2 Gloss
The most commonly used system, suitable for home, commercial and industrial uses. Applicator only
C2 Shield
Where oil and grease are present, the C2 Shield system offers increased stain protection – for areas such as cafes or domestic kitchens. Applicator only
C2 Base
A cost effective solution that increases the durability of the floor, as well as gloss and stain resistance. DIY, and Applicator
C2 Public
An exterior solution for public spaces that increases longevity and reduces staining risk – and cost effective as well.  Applicator only

polished concrete floor with C2 lithium densifier

Easy to maintain.

A PeterFell C2 Polished Concrete Floor will last for years, but like any floor, it requires regular cleaning to look its best.

We recommend that you use C2 Clean and C2 Maintenance products. These are purpose designed to provide your floor with outstanding cleaning results. Regular use will extend the life of your floor, keep it looking better longer, and minimise the need for any retreatment.