C2 polished floors improve on the natural durability of concrete.

Polished concrete Floor in Christchurch Airport lounge.

PeterFell C2 Polished Concrete flooring brings all the natural beauty of concrete to your commercial space, while being more durable, hardwearing and stain resistant.

It’s all thanks to the lithium silicate-based densifiers that are used during the grinding and polishing process when your floor is installed.

The unique liquid hardener penetrates deep into the pores of the concrete – far deeper than traditional densifiers and coatings. It literally tightens the concrete, making it harder for water, oil and other contaminants to get in.

A special microfilm is then added to create a protective coating that is melted into the concrete for extra strength and durability.


More hardwearing.

Concrete floors treated with C2 liquid densifiers are up to 40% more resistant to scratches and abrasions. So they’ll maintain their good looks for years, even in high-traffic areas.


More resistant to stains.

C2 liquid densifiers harden and seal the surface of your concrete floor. There’s no way for water, oil or other contaminants to get in and leave unsightly stains.


Easier to clean and maintain.

Many floors, such as tiles and linoleum, need regular scrubbing to keep clean and maintain their appearance. A PeterFell C2 polished concrete floor doesn’t. It is tightly compacted to reduce stains and doesn’t require any waxing or stripping to keep its sheen.


Elimination of dust.

In ordinary concrete, tiny particles of dust are pushed to the surface through hydrostatic pressure. This results in efflorescence that in turn leads to a thin coat of dust on the floor’s surface. C2 liquid densifiers eliminate efflorescence and prevent dusting.


More durable.

C2‭ ‬liquid densifiers impregnate deeply into the concrete‭, ‬so they last longer than regular topcoats‭.‬


Energy efficient.

A PeterFell C2 polished concrete floor can reduce power bills thanks to better reflectivity and ambient lighting – so you need less electric lighting to illuminate your space. It’s warmer underfoot too, which means lower heating costs.


Rejuvenate existing concrete floors.

Remove the top surface of old floors using our customised grinding and polishing technique and then apply C2 liquid densifiers for added strength and abrasion resistance.


Environmentally friendly.

C2 liquid densifiers and seals are better for people and the planet. They are water based and don’t contain any solvents or toxins.


Little or no production downtime.

Because there are no toxic or hazardous chemicals, you can use the floor immediately after the C2 process is complete. In fact, you can often keep your plant in full production mode while C2 is being added.


Tires last longer.

The surface of a C2 concrete floor is smoother – so there’s less wear and tear on tires. And any tire marks can easily be cleaned away.

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Choose the right application.

There’s a C2 system that’s right for your space – indoors or out.

To ensure the best outcome, we recommend that most systems are applied by Trained Applicators only. We’ve highlighted which system requires a Trained Applicator, for an Applicator in your area contact us.

C2 Gloss
The most commonly used system, suitable for home, commercial and industrial uses. Applicator only
C2 Shield
Where oil and grease are present, the C2 Shield system offers increased stain protection – for areas such as cafes or domestic kitchens. Applicator only
C2 Base
A cost effective solution that increases the durability of the floor, as well as gloss and stain resistance. DIY, and Applicator
C2 Public
An exterior solution for public spaces that increases longevity and reduces staining risk – and cost effective as well.  Applicator only

Care & maintenance.

C2 floors will last for years, and like any floor, they’ll need regular cleaning to look their best.

We recommend that C2 Clean and C2 Maintenance products are used. These are purpose designed to provide your floor with outstanding cleaning results. Regular use will extend the life of your floor, keep it looking better longer, and minimise the need for any retreatment.

Find out more about the benefits of a PeterFell C2 polished concrete floor from your local concrete floor installer. Or contact us.

commercial polished concrete floor in Auckland Art Gallery with high gloss finish and deep red colour.