The Mayfair Building

It was an honour to be part of such a great restoration in Christchurch.
With so much of Christchurch’s heritage devastated by the 2011 earthquake the city’s charm was at risk of being diluted as new modern rebuilds replaced the original early 20th century structures.
With this in mind, the clients responsible for the reconstruction of The Mayfair Building on Worcester St were determined to retain the building’s original attributes as much as possible.

With this brief, Seddon GRC Innovations asked the PeterFell team to recreate an oxide colour for the façade panel that replicated the look and feel of the 1906 building. Particular care was taken to match the original colour, texture and brick size, and consideration made to the older surrounding buildings.
The project was completed with the results exceeding the expectation of the clients who were ‘delighted’ with the finish product, and restored the Mayfair to its majestic former glory.
Construction by Naylor Love
Mould making, detailing and installation by Seddons GRC Innovations (Glass Reinforced Concrete)
Colour by PeterFell