Concrete sealers.

A Peter Fell sealer protects your concrete and provides a vibrant, smart finish that transforms it into something special.

All of our sealers have been developed here in New Zealand to suit our country’s unique conditions. Whether your concrete is indoors or out, you’ll find the sealer here that’s right for your application.

Concrete sealer range.

  • PFL Acrylic Concrete Sealer 2 litre bottle

    PFL Acrylic Sealer

    Create a softer, more natural look with this high-solids, water-based acrylic.

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  • PFL epoxy concrete sealer 2 lite bottle

    PFL Epoxy Sealer

    A new generation, no VOC, fast curing, water-based, 1:1 epoxy providing a coating with increased durability for interior applications.

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  • Peter Fell Glaze concrete sealer 2 litre bottle

    PFL Glaze Sealer

    A superior solvent based acrylic coating for interior and exterior use, giving a ‘wet look’. This very popular sealer contains high solids of a very high quality resin that ensures a thick coating for long term durability.

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  • PFL Natural concrete sealer

    PFL Natural Sealer

    PFL Natural Sealer is a penetrating sealer for use on external concrete surfaces where a natural finish is desired.

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  • Peter Fell Satin concrete sealer 2 litre bottle

    PFL Satin Sealer

    PFL Satin Sealer provides the same wet look and durability as the PFL Glaze but with a satin finish, and is suitable for use on all interior and exterior spaces.

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Sealer related products.

  • PFL coverseal for concrete 2 litre bottle

    PFL Coverseal

    PFL Coverseal is a water-based, high gloss, anti-scuff, stain repellent floor treatment for use on interior sealed concrete floors.

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  • PFL Surface conditioner for concrete surfaces

    PFL Surface Conditioner

    PFL Surface Conditioner is used as a primer when re-coating existing surfaces sealed with PFL Glaze Sealer and PFL Satin Sealer. It facilitates the bond between the old and the new sealer.

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Tinted concrete sealers.

  • PFL Glaze concrete sealer 2 litre

    PFL Tinted Sealer, Glaze

    Tinted Glaze Sealer offers the durability of a regular glaze concrete sealer, with colour to hide any marks or to give the concrete a whole new look.

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  • PeterFell Satin Concrete Sealer

    PFL Tinted Sealer, Satin

    Tinted Sealers offer the durability of a a regular concrete sealer, with colour to hide any marks or to give the concrete a whole new look.

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Sealer auxiliary.

  • PFL Anti-slip concrete sealer additive

    PFL Anti-Slip

    PFL Anti-Slip can be added to PFL Glaze Sealer to improve slip resistance where it is a concern.

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  • PFL Broom for spreading concrete sealer

    PFL Broom

    PFL Brooms are perfect for application of PFL Sealers on exterior surfaces, especially exposed aggregate.

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  • PFL Thinners

    PFL Thinners

    For cleaning up the tools, and thinning the first coat of PFL Glaze Sealer on hot days or when coating very dense concrete.

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Use our design tool to create your perfect space.

Sealed concrete floor.

Which sealer to use where.

All PeterFell sealers are of the highest quality.

Each has been designed for specific applications – and provides their own distinctive look – so it’s important that you use the right sealer for the right application. Use this handy guide below to help you – or contact us to talk through your project.

PFL Glaze Sealer

PFL Satin Sealer

PFL Acrylic Sealer

PFL Epoxy Sealer

PFL Natural Sealer

Highly recommended for:
Patios, paths, driveways, pool surrounds, and light commercial.
Can also be used for:
House floors, garages, tilt-slab walls and plaster.
Highly recommended for:
Patios, paths, driveways, pool surrounds, and light commercial.
Can also be used for:
House floors, garages, tilt-slab walls and plaster.
Can be used for:
House floors, patios, paths, pool surrounds, tilt-slab walls and plaster.
Highly recommended for:
Internal floors.
Can also be used for:
Tilt-slab walls.
Highly recommended for:
Tilt-slab walls and plaster.
Can also be used for:
Patios, driveways, paths, pool surrounds, garages and public spaces.
Wet look finish. Wet look with matt finish. Slight lift in colour. Slight lift in colour. Natural with no change in colour or texture.
Fumes can be powerful when used inside, so good ventilation is essential. Fumes can be powerful when used inside, so good ventilation is essential. Do not use on Driveways or Garages. Cannot be used with PFL Anti-Slip Cannot be used outside. Non-coating so does not form a barrier to a numer of contaminants.
High solids solvent-based acrylic. High solids solvent-based acrylic with matting agent. High solids water-based acrylic. Water-based 1:1 epoxy. Silane/Siloxane in a mineral spirit carrier.

Applying it yourself?

Our sealers are easy to use and can be applied by any handy-person.

All PeterFell Sealers come with full application instructions. The key to good result is all in the preparation. The concrete is cleaned to remove any contaminants or marks, then given an acid wash to remove surface laitance (efflorescence). Once you are satisfied the surface is clean and it is completely dry, two coats of the sealer selected can be applied. The video’s below outline these preparation and sealing steps, and this PeterFell Sealing information Guide outlines the sealing process.

Our concrete sealers and the environment.

EnviroSpec is a New Zealand consultancy that specialises in environmental specification and certification programmes. They conducted independent testing and have verified that our PFL Acrylic Sealer and PFL Epoxy Sealer are low VOC and meet Green Star NZ and Homestar requirements for applied coatings.

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Our sealers can be used for escape paths.

The PFL Glaze Sealer, PFL Satin Sealer and PFL Epoxy Sealer have been ISO 9239.1 tested and meet the requirements for use on Escape Paths.


Measling can occur when sealing concrete

Some concrete surfaces can have high or low spots that do not seal completely. As a result, spots may appear when the concrete is wet, and then disappear when the concrete dries. This is called “measling”. You can find out more in our Things You Should Know section.

Frequently asked questions.

Do I really need to seal my coloured concrete?

Yes. Sealing enhances the look of your concrete and protects it from staining and marking. It also stops any ‘dusting’ from forming on the surface that can mask the colour of the concrete (people often mistake this effect as colour fading).

Where can I buy Peter Fell Sealers?

You can buy from us direct and we’ll deliver straight to your door. Visit our showroom or order online.

Is the sealer easy to apply?

Yes, Peter Fell sealers can be applied by any competent DIYer (check the videos to see how easy it is). The one exception is our PeterFell C2 Polished Concrete range. For a reputable contractor in your area, who can seal your concrete, please contact us.

Can I get a testpot to help me decide?

Yes, you can. Click on each individual product to order the relevant testpot.

So what are the steps I need to follow if I’m applying it myself?

The steps for preparing and sealing your concrete are outlined in the PeterFell Sealer Information Guide. 

Do I have to “acid wash” my concrete floor before it’s sealed?

Yes. You can use either PFL Surface Preparation or PFL Surface Prep Lite. This will remove any laitance (or ‘dusting’) on the surface of the new concrete. No other method will be as effective. It’s important that you do this, otherwise the sealer won’t adhere to the surface properly. The steps for preparing and sealing your concrete are outlined in the PeterFell Sealer Information Guide. 

How long does the sealer last?

No concrete sealer will last forever. The floor life of the sealer is very much dependent on the preparation and application of the sealer. For typical application, PeterFell sealers have a floor life of approximately 3 – 5 years. This is a guide only and is not guaranteed as in-service life of the sealer is very much dependent on preparation and application of the sealer, and use, which are beyond the control of Peter Fell Ltd. The floor life of internal sealed floors is significantly prolonged through use of PFL CoverSeal. All PeterFell sealers can easily be re-applied to provide ongoing protection of the concrete surface.

Will the sealer make my floor slippery?

No. The grip and texture of the finished surface are created by the concrete itself. While the sealer coats the surface of the concrete, it doesn’t affect the texture. All external concrete surfaces (such as decks, driveways and pool surrounds) should be finished with a texture that’s right for the situation – ie non-slip. If the concrete isn’t of a suitable texture, you should seal it with PFL Glaze Sealer and PFL Satin Sealer containing PFL Anti-Slip. PFL Anti-Sip is simply added to the sealer to improve slip-resistance on all flat concrete surfaces.

What gloss levels do the sealers come in?

The final gloss level all depends on the finish and texture of your concrete.

If you want a high gloss (for internal living sears, for example), the concrete should be finished with as little texture as possible. Alternatively, for a more durable high gloss finish, you can use products from the PeterFell C2 Polished Concrete range.

External surfaces are finished with more texture to make them more slip resistant. This will create a more matt finish.

You can maintain the gloss level of your sealed internal floors simply by applying PFL CoverSeal over the PFL Sealer.

Can I seal walls?

Yes. Precast or insitu concrete walls can be sealed with a number of products from our range. Contact us to determine what product is best for your wall.

Can I get a coloured sealer?

Yes. You’ll find our range of Tinted Sealers here.

Do I need to use PFL CoverSeal as well?

We recommend that all sealed internal floors use PFL Coverseal to enhanced performance. This is applied over whichever concrete sealer you’ve chosen.