Coloured concrete for any space.

Using coloured concrete can take a space and make it special. With over 80 colours to choose from, you’ll find the hue that’s a perfect match for your plans.

Coloured concrete colour samples
Tool for designing and specifying concrete colours, textures patterns and sealers.

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We’ve developed a step-by-step design tool that will help you create a space that’s right for your lifestyle. So, let’s get started.

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We’ve been helping New Zealanders create their dream space since 1991. Find out more about how coloured concrete can create the design statement you want indoors and out.

Swimming pool and house with colour concrete pool surround and patio.

Case studies & news.

11 October 2019 / Case Studies

Texture Safe proves best non-slip solution for Tauranga Council.

When the Tauranga District Council was looking for a stylish way to make their concrete Tidal Stairs safe and slip free, Texture Safe came up trumps where other options had failed.
22 May 2019 / Case Studies

Knox Church, Christchurch by Wilkie + Bruce architect

The completion of the re-building of Knox Church in Christchurch is significant as it is such a well-known building on a very high profile corner and the church shares a history with many local residents.
22 May 2019 / Case Studies

Coatesville Driveway

What dream driveways are made of!