White cement.

PeterFell works with Danish company Aalborg White, to provide you with the most consistently white cement available in New Zealand.

It’s strong too – stronger than other white cement available on the market. So when you’re using it instead of grey cement, you can simply substitute it one for one instead of needing to mix extra cement.

We answer some frequently asked questions.

What type of white cement is available?

There are two products available – SuperWhite and SuperWhite Plus (which provides an even whiter result).

What happens to the white tone when it’s mixed with a normal concrete mix?

The white will go slightly darker. Even then, however, SuperWhite still provides a much whiter result than any other option such as when you add titanium to grey cement mixes.

Who is Aalborg?

Aalborg is a Danish company and is the largest manufacturer of white cement in the world. They have built a reputation for superior whiteness, consistency (the whiteness is a consistent 92%) and performance.

Is white concrete more expensive than grey concrete?

Using SuperWhite concrete will increase costs by around 30% compared to grey concrete. The price can vary depending on the application, so we recommend that you ask your contractor to provide comparative costs before you may your final decision.

Can I use SuperWhite and SuperWhite Plus on flatwork?

It’s not recommended to use SuperWhite or SuperWhite Plus on flatwork such as drives, floors and patios unless they are going to be ground or honed. That’s because the concrete finishing process can darken the surface of the concrete and vary the colour.

If you are grinding the concrete, you need to be careful when choosing the sand and the aggregate as this will affect the final colour. You can use special sand and aggregate but this can be expensive so we’d recommend that you discuss the options with your local concrete supplier.