PFL Surface Preparation

PFL Surface Preparation is a traditional etching solution used to prepare concrete surfaces for sealing.

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PFL Concrete Surface Preparation 2 litre bottle

How much you’ll need.

The smallest size we currently sell of the PFL Surface Prep is 5L

Also note it is often easier to buy a single unit than the two smaller ones (eg buying 1x20L is cheaper than buying a 1x10L & 1x5L), and so we have put in the cheapest options.

Concrete Area (m2)

Estimated amount of PFL Surface Preparation needed = 32L

You will need:

10 5L 1 x 5L
20 5L 1 x 5L
30 5L 1 x 5L
40 5L 1 x 5L
50 5L 1 x 5L
60 5L 1 x 5L
70 5L 1 x 5L
80 5L 1 x 5L
90 5L 1 x 5L
100 10L 1 x 10L
120 10L 1 x 10L
140 20L 1 x 20L
160 20L 1 x 20L
180 20L 1 x 20L
200 20L 1 x 20L

Order your PFL Surface Preparation.

Please note that the following prices exclude GST and freight. These are calculated when you work through your order.

Size Price
5L $40.45
20L $109.75

Quantity: x

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