PFL C2 Clean™

PFL C2 Clean™ is the “next generation” product for cleaning and degreasing light-to-heavy soiled concrete, tile, masonry and much more.

PFL C2 Clean™ is powerful enough for industrial use, flexible enough for jobs around the home and can replace a multitude of individual cleaning products.

For domestic floors simply mop on with a squeegee or microfibre, or for commercial floors it can be used with an autoscrubber.

C2 Clean 2 litre bottle

How often should you use it?

C2 floors are very durable, but like any floor, they require regular cleaning and it’s important the right products are used. PFL C2 Clean is purpose-designed to provide the floor with exemplary cleaning without harming the system in any way.

Owners of new C2 floors should receive a Floor Care Pack from their installer, but if not, just contact us and we’ll send you one. It is recommended to use PFL C2 Clean every day for commercial floors and every week for domestic floors.

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120ml $6.96
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2L $33.91
5L $68.70
20L $250.00

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