PFL Non-Shrink Grout

PFL Non-Shrink Grout is a shrinkage compensated cementitious grout designed for decorative grouting in the PeterFell System.

It can be coloured.

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PeterFell Non Shrink grout for concrete.

How much you’ll need.

The following estimates are offered in good faith but the final quantity may be be more or less depending on the concrete. They are conservative numbers, not because we are trying to sell more, but because most clients don’t want to have to order twice.

Also note it is often easier to buy a single unit than the two smaller ones (eg buying 1x25kg is cheaper than buying a 4x5kg), and we so have put in the cheapest options.

Below’s estimates are based on 10mm (wide) by 10mm (deep) cut.

Length of cuts (m)

Estimated amount of PFL Non-Shrink Grout needed = 32L

You will need:

10 5kg 1 x 5kg
15 5kg 1 x 5kg
20 10kg 2 x 5kg
25 10kg 2 x 5kg
35 10kg 2 x 5kg
40 15kg 3 x 5kg
50 15kg 3 x 5kg
60 25kg 1 x 25kg
70 25kg 1 x 25kg
80 25kg 1 x 25kg
90 27kg 1 x 25kg, 1 x 2kg
100 30kg 1 x 25kg, 1 x 5kg
120 35kg 1 x 25kg, 2 x 5kg
130 40kg 1 x 25kg, 3 x 5kg
140 50kg 2 x 25kg
150 50kg 2 x 25kg
160 50kg 2 x 25kg

Order your PFL Non-Shrink Grout.

Please note that the following prices exclude GST and freight. These are calculated when you work through your order.

Size Price
2KG $6.40
5KG $14.45
25KG $51.30

Quantity: x

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