PFL Coverseal

We recommend that all internal floors be treated with PFL Coverseal for enhanced appearance, durability and stain resistance.

PFL Coverseal is a water-based, high gloss, anti-scuff, stain repellent floor treatment for use on interior sealed concrete floors. It is a sacrificial coating and works much like a wood polish on a table. It gives a high gloss, non-slip, and stain resistant finish to interior sealed floors. A unique stain blocking additive provides increased resistance to most common stain-causing agents, while a cross-linked metal additive provides increased slip resistance.

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Other features of PFL Coverseal include:

  • Treated floors exhibit exceptional gloss
  • Does not require buffing
  • Retains high gloss under scrubbing
  • Increased slip resistance.
  • Increased scuff and scratch resistance.
  • Easy to apply and re-apply.
  • Safe to use – water-based, low odour, no fumes.
PFL coverseal for concrete 2 litre bottle

How much you’ll need.

The following estimates are offered in good faith but the final quantity may be be more or less depending on the concrete. They are conservative numbers, not because we are trying to sell more, but because most clients don’t want to have to order twice.

Also note it is often easier to buy a single unit than the two smaller ones (eg buying 1x20L is cheaper than buying a 1x10L & 1x5L), and we so have put in the cheapest options. Any excess can be kept or used to apply a third coat.

Concrete Area (m2)

Estimated amount of PFL Coverseal needed = 32L

You will need:

10 1L 1 x 1L
20 2L 1 x 2L
30 2L 1 x 2L
40 3L 1 x 2L, 1 x 1L
50 4L 2 x 2 L
60 4L 2 x 2 L
70 5L 1 x 5L
80 6L 1 x 5L, 1 x 1L
90 6L 1 x 5L, 1 x 1L
100 7L 1 x 5L, 1 x 2L
120 8L 1 x 5L, 1 x 2L, 1 x 1L
140 10L 1 x 10L
160 11L 1 x 10L, 1 x 1L
180 12L 1 x 10L, 1 x 2L
200 14L 1 x 10L, 2 x 2L

Order your PFL Coverseal.

Please note that the following prices exclude GST and freight. These are calculated when you work through your order.

Size Price
Testpot $6.96
1L $26.25
2L $50.40
5L $126.00
10L $249.90
20L $472.50

Quantity: x

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