PFL C2 Ultra Seal

Glossy and Protective Sealer for Indoor Concrete

C2 Ultra Seal™ is a durable, chemical resistant, high-gloss, protective coating that dramatically increases the stain resistance of interior concrete floors.


  • Durable. Produces a long-lasting, tough protective shine on any interior concrete.
  • Protective. Keeps soil and contaminants from penetrating, making maintenance cleaning faster, more effective and more economical.
  • Versatile. UV stable. Low odour. Easy to apply. Fast drying. Will not yellow, discolour, peel or flake.
  • Enhances the depth and lustre to coloured concrete.
C2 Ultra Seal for concrete floors

How much you’ll need.

Coverage is approximately 15 m2 per litre. The product is sold in 5l, 10l and 20l containers.

Concrete Area (m2)

Estimated amount of PFL C2 Ultra Seal needed = 32L

You will need:

50 5L 1x5L
100 10L 1x10L
200 15L 1x10L, 1x5L
300 20L 1x20L

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Size Price
5L P.O.A.
10L P.O.A.
20L P.O.A.

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