PFL C2 Seal

Glossy and Stain Resistant Lithium Sealer and Hardener for Concrete.

C2 Seal™ not only seals concrete with a rich, high glossy finish but is also extremely hard/resistant to scratching. This easy to apply lithium silicate sealer penetrates and reacts with concrete, increasing hardness, denseness and durability on old and new surfaces. C2 Seal™ is perfect for application on standard or decorative concrete. It protects and enhances the colour intensity of Peter Fell coloured concrete.


  • Long Lasting Glossy Finish. A high gloss finish is obtained with 2-3 thin applications on smooth, steel troweled concrete.
  • Improves Stain Resistance against fats, grease, and oils.
  • Easy to apply with little or No Production “Down Time”. Cures quickly. Floor can be put into service immediately after the application process is complete.
C2 Seal for concrete floors

How much you’ll need.

The following estimates are based on 1 litre of Densifier per 50 m2 of floor, and the size of our product. The final quantity may be more or less depending on the concrete.

Concrete Area (m2)

Estimated amount of PFL C2 Seal needed = 32L

You will need:

200 5L 1x5L
400 10L 1x10L
800 20L 1x20L
1200 30L 1x10L, 1x20L

Order your PFL C2 Seal.

Tell us how much you need and we’ll work out the freight and send you a quote.

Size Price
5L P.O.A.
10L P.O.A.
20L P.O.A.

Quantity: x

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