PFL C2 Salt Hard Plus

C2 Salt Hard+ is a pre-measured, water-based, silane/siloxane water repellent and chloride screen concentrate additive specially formulated for mixing C2 Hard or C2 Super Hard. When properly mixed and applied, C2 Salt Hard+ hardens, dustproofs and protects horizontal and vertical concrete surfaces from abrasion, moisture intrusion, and chloride salts – all in one easy application.


  • A pre-measured additive specifically formulated to mix with C2 Hard™ or C2 Super Hard™.
  • Hardens, dustproofs and protects from abrasion, moisture intrusion and chloride salts.
  • C2 Salt Hard+ penetrates more deeply than conventional water or solvent based repellents.
  • C2 Salt Hard+ protects both horizontal and vertical surfaces from moisture intrusion and chemical attack of chloride salts.
C2 Salt Hard Plus

How much you’ll need.

The following is based on the approximate concrete coverage area to estimate the amount of the recommended product. The recommended quantity may be more or less depending on the concrete.

Concrete Area (m2)

Estimated amount of PFL C2 Salt Hard Plus needed = 32L

You will need:

100 10L 1x10L
200 20L 1x20L
300 30L 1x10L, 1x20L
400 40L 2x20L

Order your PFL C2 Salt Hard Plus.

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Size Price
10L P.O.A.
20L P.O.A.

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