PFL Acrylic Sealer

Create a softer, more natural look with this high-solids, water-based acrylic.

It’s great for indoors and out (although you shouldn’t use it on driveways or garages).

It’s water-based, so you achieve a more natural effect, compared to say, the wet look of the PFL Glaze sealer.

Please note that the PFL Acrylic Sealer may not adhere well to highly polished, honed or ground floors.

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PFL Acrylic Concrete Sealer 2 litre bottle

How much you’ll need.

The following estimates are based on 1 litre of Sealer per 5m2 and the size of our product. The final quantity may be more or less depending on the concrete.

Concrete Area (m2)

Estimated amount of PFL Acrylic Sealer needed = 32L

You will need:

10 2L 1x2Kg
20 4L 2x2L
30 6L 3x2L
40 10L 1x10L
50 10L 1x10L
60 12L 1x10L,1x2L
70 15L 1x10L,1x5L
80 20L 1x20L
90 20L 1x20L
100 20L 1x20L
120 25L 1x20L,1x5L
140 30L 1x20L,1x10L
160 32L 1x20L,1x10L,1x2L
180 35L 1x20L,1x10L,1x5L
200 40L 2x20L

Order your sealer.

Please note that the following prices exclude GST and freight. These are calculated when you work through your order.

Size Price
Testpot $6.96
1L $42.00
2L $63.00
5L $126.00
10L $231.00
20L $420.00

Quantity: x

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