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Base Colours

These colours are typically used for the basic applications

Product Guides

Black, Bayferrox 330C

Black, Bayferrox 330C This Black is in compacted granular form for reduced dust nuisance. Black 330 is a high quality black that... read more »

Black, Carbon Black

Black, Carbon Black Black Carbon in compacted granular form. This is blue tone black with great colour intensity. This colour is... read more »

Blue, Cobalt Blue

Blue, Cobalt Blue A beautiful blue, but unfortunately very expensive that limits it's use. It is the only blue pigment that is... read more »

Burnt Umber, Bayferrox 655

Burnt Umber, Bayferrox 655 A rich red brown creating a unique tone. NB when this color is added to cement based products the colours... read more »

Dark Brown, Bayferrox 686G

Dark Brown, Bayferrox 686G When a basic dark brown is required this pigment will give a strong colour. NB when this color is added to... read more »

Green, Bayferrox Chrome Green
Light Brown, Bayferrox 615G Marigold, Bayferrox 965C
Red, Bayferrox 130C White, Titanium Dioxide
Yellow, Bayferrox 920G