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Christchurch airport floor with C2

C2 is a market leading densifier and microfilm system for ground, honed or polished floors that helps create an extremely durable and fantastic looking floor that will last for years. It is also suitable for exterior public spaces.

It has an enviable list of completed projects in NZ, such as Christchurch Airport (shown at right) and a number of supermarkets, as well as hundreds of homes.

C2 offers many advantages over competing systems:

Harder: The C2 densifier uses only Lithium Silicates to ensure the hardest and most dense surface. Lithium silicates are the most reactive densifiers available so provide the best long term performance.

Better Stain Resistanace: The C2 microfilm forms a hard 'shell' for better stain resistance and enhanced durability.

Better long term: Cost effective cleaning and maintenance products are available to ensure the floor keeps looking good for a longer time.

Systems and Application

There are a number of densifier and microfilm products available and these are used in different systems as below. To ensure the best outcome most systems can be applied by Trained Applicators only.

C2 Gloss The most commonly used system, suitable for home, commercial and industrial uses. Used in all pictures on this page Applicator only
C2 Shield Where oil and grease are present, the C2 Shield system offers increased stain protection - for areas such as cafes or domestic kitchens Applicator only
C2 Base A cost effective solution that increases the durability of the floor, as well as gloss and stain resistance DIY, and Applicator
C2 Public An exterior solution for public spaces that increases longevity and reduces staining risk - and cost effective as well.
Applicator only

Natural polish floor Grind King

How does it work?

During the grinding and polishing process, lithium silicate based densifiers are used to harden and densify the floor. The lithium silicate chemically reacts with the weakest component in the cement matrix Calcium Hydroxide to form Calcium Silica Hydrate - one of the strongest components.

On completion of the polishing process, the microfilm products are applied and burnished. Burnishing melts the microfilm which provides for a 'shell'-like layer. Most other sytems do not melt in this way and so have microcracks, and do not have the same level of stain resistance.


When choosing a honed or polished concrete floor there are five choices to be made:

  1. Aggregate type: Check with local concrete companies what stones are available. Stones can also be seeded into the surface
  2. Concrete colour: use one of our colours to set the tone - the final colour is a mix of the stone and this colour, one influences the other
  3. Stone exposure: How deep the grinder goes determines the stone exposure. Cream or Natural Polish; 1-2 mm 'Salt and Pepper' grind; 2-3mm light grind; 3-4mm medium grind; 5+mm heavy grind. Variation in stone exposure is normal.
  4. Level of polish: 200 grit (smooth ) - 3000 grit (mirror finish)
  5. Sealer system: C2, or a Coating (see below)

Sealer system - C2 Densifier/Microfilm or a Coating?

In broad terms, C2 is usually a little more expensive but is less prone to scratching, and will last much longer and can cope with heavier traffic. Floors with C2 Systems are very thin and can stain if spills are not cleaned up quickly.

Coating systems offer much better stain resistance, are usually cheaper, and can be done DIY, but can scratch and need recoating every 3-5 years. They are not suitable for light or heavy commercial

What is the background to the C2 products?

Peter Fell is the NZ Distributor for C2 products which are made by American company Prosoco, a very large research led construction chemical company. Their exported flooring products are marketed as C2 and distributed by Crete Colours International, whereas in the US they use the Consolidek brand. Consolideck is one of the most widely used products for ground and polished floors in the US and is highly respected, eg it is the product of choice on all new Walmart stores. Prosoco was one of the pioneers of Lithium Silicate flooring solutions in the early 2000s, and has continuously innovated and improved their products since then.

Internationally Crete Colours exports to over twenty different countries and has had great success.


C2 Floors are very durable but like any floor they require regular cleaning and it's important the right products are used. C2 Clean and C2 Maintain are purpose designed to provide the floor with exemplary cleaning without harming the system in any way.

Owners of new C2 floors should receive a Floor Care Pack from their installer, and if not just contact us and we'll send you one. The following cleaning regime is recommended:

C2 Clean C2 Maintain
Commercial Floors Daily Weekly
Domestic Floors Weekly Monthly

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