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Register your project to ensure no future problems

Some maintennace is required and it is best if someone knows! We get a lot of calls from people wanting to know what they should reseal with and don't know what they have - by registering this problem is eliminated.

So we encourage you to register for two reasons
1. We can record exactly what products were used so you can be sure to get exactly the same when you need them again
2. We will send you a reminder every few years that it might be time to reconsider re-sealing.

Like any material, concrete surfaces need maintenance. Sealers should be used on all surfaces to lift the appearance and protect from staining. Sealers last generally 3-5 years, with more wear occuring where there is more load on the surface eg passage-ways, turning areas. It is important that the same sealers are used for recoating as it impossible to determine what type of sealer if it is unknown.

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