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Palmers Planet - coloured concrete floor sets the scene

The new Palmers Planet store in Greville Road, Albany features a magnificent coloured concrete floor that helps sets the scene for this fresh and vibrant new style of store.

Commercial specialists Architecture F+D=A worked very closely with the clients to ensure all pieces of the building puzzle suited what Palmers were wanting to do with both the brand and the store. Peter Fell colour 206 was chosen for the floor and it succesfully sets the scene for a colourful and stimulating interior.

"We wanted to create a warm and inviting environment for the 1,000 square metre indoor retail space that set the store apart from the traditional garden centre. With different floor surfaces we have created a flow that delineates areas around the store. The colour chosen has provided a contemporary look and we could not be happier with the finish and the result it has given us" Janalle McMeekin from Palmers says.

It has been sealed using the C2 system from GDP Flooring - a lithium silicate based densification and floor sealing system designed for retail spaces.

It is a conventionally reinforced 150mm slab with saw cuts every 6m or so and a movement joint across the middle, constructed by the Conset Construction team in one pour which ensures a similar colour throughout.

For more about Palmers Planet see their website

Design: Architecture F+D=A
Construction: Ebert Construction
Concrete Contractor: Conset Construction

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