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Our Products


Peter Fell Ltd is exclusively supplied by the Bayferrox range of inorganic pigments by Lanxess - previously known as Bayer ( Lanxess are the largest manufacturer of pigments in the world and by far the most committed to social responsibility.

They state in the sustainability section of their website:

Sustainability - a matter of principle - we do not make any compromises on either economics or ecology.

"We are convinced that companies will only be able to operate successfully if they act sustainably toward the environment and society. This is and will remain an indispensable element of our business philosophy," says Joerg Hellwig, head of the LANXESS Inorganic Pigments."

Consequently all their factories are certified to both ISO 9000 & ISO 14000.

iron oxide pigments are manufactured from scrap steel which makes up around 95% of the product.


Following independent laboratory testing, EnviroSpec has verified the performance of two of our sealing products, PFL Acrylic Sealer & PFL Epoxy Sealer - they are low VOC and compliant with Green Star NZ and Homestar requirements for applied coatings.

For further details about each of these products, Green Star NZ / Homestar compliance and to download relevant documentation from the Envirospec website, click on the relevant product link above.

EnviroSpec is a NZ consultancy that specializes in environmental specification and certification programmes.

More comfortable homes

Increasingly our clients are building with concrete house floors to benefit from it's thermal mass properties - concrete floor when combined with sun oriented design and good insulation can result in much more comfortable homes with lower heating cost.

A must read for anyone interested in this topic is the Designing Comfortable Homes book produced in NZ by the Cement and Concrete Association

For a list of links to resources that cover this topic see the Useful Links page

Concrete for a Sustainable World

This 10 minute video demonstrates the sustainability of concrete in New Zealand