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SuperWhite Concrete

Fast facts

  • Peter Fell SuperWhite range is made using white cement from Aalborg White
  • The cement used is the most consisently white available in the NZ market
  • To specify, state Strength, then either Peter Fell SuperWhite Concrete, or Peter Fell SuperWhite Plus, eg 30MPa Peter Fell SuperWhite Plus
  • Using SuperWhite Concrete will increase the costs of the final element by around 30% over grey concrete. This cost is likely to vary widely depending on the type of element so we recommend asking your contractor to provide comparative pricing

Above: Normal concrete, SuperWhite Concrete, SuperWhite Concrete Plus


Using white cement allows a white concrete to be produced either to provide a white product or to create especially bold shades when used with our colours as seen in the Gelato Range. We are very excited by the possibilities this top quality product provides, at a very reasonable price.


SuperWhite and SuperWhite Plus are not recommended for use on flatwork (floors, patios drives, etc), unless they are going to be ground/honed. This is because the concrete finishing process can darken the surface and colour variations are possible.

However if grinding then careful choosing of both the sand and the aggregate is required as this will affect final colour. Using special sand and aggregate can make the concrete expensive so check with your local concrete supplier on options.


Two products are available:

  • SuperWhite - concrete made using Aalborg white cement
  • SuperWhite Plus - the addition of some extra components intensifies the colour for an even whiter result

The Aalborg Cement is the most consistently white cement available. It has some significant advantages over competing products and has proven itself over many years. Here is a picture showing the relative colours of white cement vs grey cement when made as a mortar (cement and water)

When added to a normal concrete mix, the colour is slightly affected by the stone colour ie it is slightly darkened. But still, SuperWhite concrete provides a much whiter result than any other option like, say, when titanium dioxide is added to grey cement mixes.


If you want a sample like the following, please contact us and we can send you a disc.

We have made them using aggregates from Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch so far (with more centres pending), so a true representation of real local concrete is shown.

About Aalborg

Aalborg, the World's largest manufacturer of White Cement, is an Italian owned company, with six white cement manufacturing sites around the world. The Aalborg White® we are selling is made in their Malaysian plant. in a modern State of the Art facility to the highest European Standards. The key advantages of the Aalborg White® is its superior whiteness, uniform composition and performance. The Whiteness is a consistent 92% and there is none higher in the NZ market. Aalborg have a reputation for consistency second to none and are the largest global exporter of white cement for good reason. There is an natural fit with the brand values of Peter Fell. The following picture shows the comparative mortar shades of the Aalborg vs the other white cements on the market - clearly the whitest. (We can assure you we have not tampered with this picture, or the products in anyway)